Lebo won a gold medal for Kumite at the South African All Styles Championships held in February this year.

He is a very dedicated karate student of the Dukas Karate dojo.

We are sure that Lebo will go on to win many more major karate championships during his karate career.

We are proud of you Lebo – not only for your good karate, but more importantly for your good character and friendly personality.

Good luck for the future.


We feel very proud to announce that the following members won medals at the Provincial Championships,and can now go on to represent GKF at the South African All Styles Championships to earn their Gauteng Provincial Colours.

Gold Medals
Sasha Rogowski; Kata
Lebohang Motshweneng; Kumite
Duncan Rogowski, Dehan Kruger, Tristan Templeman; Unison Kata

Silver Medals
Tristan Healley; Kumite
Johnny Kuhn, Justin Van Jaarsveld, Vivek Jugdeo; Unison Kata

Bronze Medals
Lebohang Motshweneng; Kata
Duncan Rogowski; Kata
Justin Van Jaarsveld; Kumite
Andries Grobler (Jnr.); Kumite
Laurene Kordatos; Veteran Kata

A very BIG congratulations to you all…. and all the best for the next step – S.A. Championships, 3rd and 4th March in Durban; and 17th and 18th March in Cape Town.

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            Vereeniging            7th February 2017

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Dojos open again on 16th January 2017.

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