A very successful Dan Grading was held on Saturday 10th September 2011.
According to Mike Sensei and the Grading Panel the standard of karate was very good for all the members who took part in the Grading.

The Grading Panel consisted of:    Mike Sensei, Marius Sensei and Bryan Sensei. There was also an "Observer's panel" who sat in on the Grading.


Ewald Van Zyl, Mieke Van der Merwe, Candace Degnan, Kobus Riekerk, Banie Niehaus, Lucius Botha, Bertus Audie.

Tatjana Radojevic-Rogowski

Wesley Dyssel
Wayne Degnan

The Annual Prize Giving for 2011 was held on Friday 10th February 2012 at Bryan Sensei’s dojo in Vereeniging. It was a successful, happy event. After the formalities of the evening were over, karateka and their families were invited to an informal “get together” where we enjoyed snacks and drinks.Mike Sensei gave an overview of the many achievements we had experienced during 2011. Special mention was made of us joining WSKF Japan, and Mike Sensei being appointed as the Chief Instructor for WSKF South Africa. Mike Sensei congratulated all the members who had won medals at the various events during the year.

From Mike Sensei’s speech:
I believe what is important is to understand that karate must not be thought of as just a sport but more a way of life, where the karate student gets a better understanding of himself and his capabilities. Karate is above all an art, and this takes practice, patience and effort. 

I think it is appropriate that I also share a few words with you regarding the Prize Giving.  You will notice that we have a great variety of trophies. This is to emphasize that karate is not all about winning medals. Winning at championships is a great part of the sport, and that is why we have the “achievement awards” but we must never lose sight of the other aspects of this wonderful art. Karate is individual, and we have tried over the years to create a culture in our dojos that lives up the 5 maxims of karate i.e. Character, Sincerity, Effort, Etiquette and Self Control.

Many people may not be medal winners but that does not make them less winners – they are practicing the art for the betterment of , and so you will see that we honour these people today as well.  That is why you will note that there are trophies for dedication, progress, motivation etc. Many of these karateka are the people who help make our dojos such good places to be part of.    

Thank you all for making our dojos the happy places that they are.

Welcome to Christo Riekerk Sensei and Molly Chinappen Sensei and all their members.

Mike Sensei and Bryan Sensei visited Richards Bay to welcome the new dojos to WSKF.

A great 4 hour training session was held with some of the members.

WSKF South Africa will be sending a team from South Africa to participate in the 10th World Shotokan Karate-do Federation Championships heldon the 12th and 13th of August 2011 in Tokyo Japan.Certain members of the team will also participate in the Technical and Judges Seminar on the 8th to the 10th of August 2011. DAN examinations are also taken during this time. We would like to wish the WSKF South Africa Team all the best.