We are proud of our members who represented Sedibeng Region at the Gauteng Provincial Championships held in Johannesburg.

The following members were awarded Gauteng Provincial Colours due to their outstanding performance at the Gauteng Provincial Championships. They will represent the Province at the South African All Styles Karate Championships to be held on the 17th and 18th May 2013 in Durban.

Brandon Shepherd
Gold for Kata
Gold for Kumite

Ewald Van Zyl
Silver for Kata
Silver for Kumite

Wenette Jordaan
5th place Kata
5th place Kumite

Chezan Nel
Silver for Kumite

Vivek Jugdeo
5th place for Kata

Sithembiso Modondo
Gold for Kumite

04:30 Saturday morning and I'm off to airport, excited to see Andre Bertel sensei, who is not only a great karateka, but also a good friend of mine.  Quick flight to PE then 2 hour drive to Port Alfred, "what we do for karate :-) "

When I arrived at Port Alfred I was greeted by Gary Grapentin sensei. I was very happy to meet him, after only having spoken to him and communicated on email. Gary sensei was really friendly, and I look forward to meeting him again in the near future. 

The training kicked off with a Bang as expected from Andre sensei.  Many different exercises and lots of training, concentrating on soft movements.  
Andre sensei's training consists mainly on the teachings he received from Asai sensei. Andre sensei was a personal student of Asai sensei for many years, living and training in Japan.

After many basic techniques we learned a new Asai Ryu kata. Andre sensei has lethal techniques with perfect control. To the untrained eye it might look brutal when he conducts his demonstrations, but he is one of the few karateka that I trust 100%.  Yes he is "that good"
It was also great to catch up with him at supper on Saturday night, chatting and having a laugh about shared training experiences.

I must also thank Gary sensei for his kindness, and for including me in supper on Saturday evening. I am looking forward to seeing and training with this great karateka again in Japan in August. It is also going to be wonderful for me to introduce some of our students to him.

The Instructors and members of the Dukas Karate Institute responded with so much enthusiasm to the request to assist with a project to help the less fortunate in the community during the festive season 2012.

We are very proud to say that we were able to sponsor two children’s homes during this campaign. Gifts and interesting food parcels were distributed – with the emphasis on what children would enjoy over the Festive Season.

Thank you to all the members and friends who donated so generously to these worthwhile causes. It was a wonderful experience for the members who distributed the parcels to the children. Happy faces all around!!!

The WSKF National Dan Grading was held on 15th September 2012. The standard of our members was good, and we are proud of each and every one of them that graded at this event. We welcome all “new black belts” to this elite status.


Jaco Visagie Sandan (3rd Dan), Marlize Humphris (3rd Dan), Gary Van Jaarsveld (2nd Dan), Andrzej Dulik (2nd Dan), Elize Zywotkiewicz (2nd Dan), John Freeman (2nd Dan), Karen Swanepoel (1st Dan), Deon Van den Berg (1st Dan), Marten Van Wyk (jnr) (1st Dan), Almine Kalaritis (1st Dan), Palesa Mafereka (1st Dan), Matthew Jacobs (1st Dan), Kylie Marnitz (1st Dan), Johnny Kuhn (1st Dan)