Nine (09) karateka represented the Dukas dojos with 11 entries at the 23rd Eagles Challenge at WITS, Johannesburg. I am proud to announce our seven (07) medallists bringing home nine (09) medals in total:

Winning Gold (1st place) were:

08-09 Girls Yellow - Green Kata: 1st, Gold: Rogowski, Sasha 12-13 Boys White - Orange Kata: 1st, Gold: Hatting, Damien Boys 14-15 Kata: 1st, Gold: Jugdeo, Vivek

Placing 2nd (Silver medals) were:

10-11 Boys Green - Purple Kata: 2nd, Silver: van Rooyen, Marchel Boys 05-07 Kata Group 1: 2nd, Silver: van Rooyen, Erich

Placing joint 3rd (Bronze medals) were:

08-09 Boys Yellow+ Kata Group 2: 3rd, Bronze : Gerber, Declan 09-13 Boys Kata OPEN: 3rd, Bronze: Rogowski, Duncan 12-13 Boys Red - Black Kata: 3rd, Bronze: Rogowski, Duncan 14-17 Boys Kata OPEN: 3rd, Bronze: Jugdeo, Vivek

Well done to Theo McKinautsch and Vincent Cloete for taking part. Keep training.



Team manager


Sasha Rogowski on her way to gold at the Gauteng Karate Federation Development Provincial Championships


Gerduan van Rensburg winning gold at the Gauteng Karate Federation Development Provincial Championships (Kata & Kumute 2)


Gerduan van Rensburg winning gold at the Gauteng Karate Federation Development Provincial Championships (Kata & Kumute)


Justin le Roux winning silver at the Gauteng Karate Federation Development Provincial Championships (Kata) (Small)


Congratulations to the following members who won medals at the Gauteng Development Championships:

Sasha Rogowski                  Gold in Kata
Gerduan van Rensburg      Gold in Kata and Gold in Kumite
Danie Coetzer                     Silver in Kata
Justin le Roux                      Silver in Kata and Silver in Kumite

These members are now selected in represent Gauteng Province at the KSA Development championships to be held in Durban.

Congratulations to these members – we are very proud of them all.


A group of karateka represented WSKF S.A. at the ‘International Kanazawa

Cup Championships’ that was held in Durban during April 2014.

It was a very friendly tournament and our team enjoyed it, and at the same time made

us proud with the standard of their karate and also the good sportsmanship they

showed during the event.

Congratulations to all who attended the event.

Thanks to our Black Belts who gave up their time to help judge at the Championships.

The organizers of the event appreciated it very much.


Gold Medals:

Zoe Kruger - Kata

Brandon Shepherd - Kata

Jacques Moolman - Kata

Jacqueline Moolman - Kata

Jaco Louw - Kata

Joshua Gericke - Kata

Louis Adendorff - Kata

Nicolene v.d. Linde - Kumite

Louis Adendorff - Kumite


Silver Medals:

Tanya Marais - Kumite

Paul Bold - Kumite and Kata

Craig Bold - Kumite and Kata

Onisha Rungasamy - Kata

Erich Visser - Kata

Sasha Rogowski - Kata

Annika Henry - Kata

Dehan Kruger - Kata

Johnny Kuhn - Kata

Brandon Shepherd - Kumite

Danae Small - Kumite


Bronze Medals:

Erich Van Rooyen - Kata

Marchel Van Rooyen - Kata

Gideon Botha - Kata

Dehan Kruger - Kata

Andy Pike - Kata

Johnny Kuhn - Kata

Karin Lombaard - Kata

Hezron Pillay - Kata and Kumite

Dian Coetzee - Kata

Vivek Jugdeo  - Kata

Onisha Rungasamy - Kumite

Tanya Marais - Kata

Brendon Voster - Kumite

Jaco Louw - Kumite

Jamae Appel - Kata

Nicolene v d Linde - Kata

Thunaiven Naicker - Kumite


Unison Kata Medals:

Dehan Kruger, Duncan Rogowski, Joshua Gericke - Gold Medal
Jacqueline Moolman, Sasha Rogowski, Georgia Gericke - Silver Medal
Zanro Burger, Muhammad Lala, Tristan Healley - Silver Medal