“Training karate as a sport (and art form) can be beneficial to members of different generations. The physical and mental benefits associated with karate training – which includes increased fitness, focus, and self confidence – extend across the generations”
These are the words of Shihan Mike Dukas (8th Dan) when he discusses the many family units that train karate at the Dukas Karate Institutes in Vanderbijlpark and Vereeniging.

At the moment there are 23 families training together at the Institutes .Certain families have both mom and dad training with children – other units are either mom or dad and children. We even have a granny that trains with her grandson!!  No age barrier to karate.

Shihan Mike also says that the world is changing and people work longer hours, take less holidays, and spend less leisure time with their families. Karate is a way of bridging that gap to meet work and family demands, and have members of the family enjoying time together and at the same time learning a new skill together. For children karate is known to improve balance significantly and once balance improves co-ordination gets so much better and ultimately concentration improves. Children who have mastered the techniques and see how they improve over time develop a much greater self esteem.

Older members benefit greatly from a flexibility point of view, and as a stress reliever!!

Shihan Mike has been training karate for almost 43 years. He has just been awarded his 8th Dan while in Japan in August.  This was awarded to him by the legendary Shihan Kasuya and the Shihankai of WSKF in Japan.

One of his sons, Bryan Dukas has now immigrated to Australia and is running a very successful Karate Club there. Bryan’s two children also train karate with him.


We are proud of Brandon for the great achievement at Zone 6 Karate Championships held in Mozambique.

 Brandon - Bronze for Kata and Bronze for Senior Kumite

 Vanderbijlpark Dojo       Monday 12th June 2017            Time:     18h00 – 18h45

 Beginner classes are on Monday and Wednesday

 Vereeniging Dojo             Tuesday 13th June 2017          Time:     17h30 – 18h15

Beginner classes are on Tuesday and Thursday

Winners of the Bronze Medal at the South African National All Styles Championships held in Cape Town on 17th and 18th March 2017

Johnny Kuhn, Justin Van Jaarsveld and Vivek Jugdeo